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Sophisticated hospitality with a family flavour

The story of San Potente is the story of a tradition based on agriculture and hospitality It is the tale of a family deeply rooted in the soil, that strongly believes in authenticity, generosity and quality


San Potente is the story of the Tonti family and their love for Umbria. The same love inherited our Grandmother (I prefer not to use the term ‘Grandma”. Too familar.) Vanda. It was her affection for her birthplace of Rasiglia which led her to fund renovations of the local “Castello dei Trinci” walls. The same walls that today gloriously embrace the Residence Menotre. “Nonna” Vanda also promoted the creation of a small museum devoted to the local weaving tradition for future generations.


The same passion for the soil is the one that pushed Paolo to produce an extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive oil, a few miles away from Assisi. After restoring the beautiful 27 acres olive grove, Paolo renovated its ancient stone farmhouse that today is Villa Rosy.


In the ‘90’s, Vanda and Paolo began the family adventure to share the agricultural production of their unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil with visitors looking for an unforgettable Umbrian experience. This endeavor is wisely managed by Paolo, Luciana and Corinna with the support of Ilaria and Micol and the smiles of Alice and Olivia. At Villa Rosy and Residence Menotre you won’t find only a bed and a luxurious breakfast, but you will find genuine hospitality, quality gourmet products, relaxation and many valuable tips on things to see and do in order to live Umbria in a sustainable way.


We adore showing you the best and the sweetest of our region sharing with you our knowledge about the best wine producers and restaurants. It will be a pleasure to let you discover the most suggestive trails among stunning woodland, golden hillside and cities of art.


In the cool of our en-suite apartments as well as in our extra virgin olive oil and our weaving legacy, everything smells good and genuine as typical goods from a land known for charm and elegance.


Read the other chapters of our story made by hospitality, tasty and genuine experiences, artisan flavours and love for the earth. If you want to live Umbria the way we like it, come and meet us.


Become a chapter of our story.

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The Tonti family


 The (only) man of the house and the first family member you will meet upon arrival. Having worked for the family aeronautical business, his feet are now once again firmly on the ground.


The family matriarch, a passionate weaver and above all the person responsible for your stay, which thanks to her dedication will run as smoothly as olive oil…


The Tonti family’s first-born is an expert in olive oil and has a passion for wine. Her favourite pastimes are cooking and gardening.  Don’t hesitate to ask for her for anything you may require.


The “middle sister”. Thanks to her passion for tailor-made travel, as well as for sport and art, she will create a personalised stay for every guest.


The youngest sister, spends most of her time in Milan where she is learning everything there is to know about catering. In the future she plans to bring her knowledge to San Potente…

Alice e Olivia

The smallest members are Corinna’s daughters and the family mascots!


The San Potente new olive oil festival was reviewed in the Good Morning Umbria blog and cited as one of the most characteristic popular traditions in Umbria.



The French websites L'Italie à Paris and Acteurs du Tourisme Durable talked about the tasting session for the new San Potente olive oil organised in Paris in to pay tribute to Umbrian delicacies abroad!



A publication of the Province of Perugia has paid a nice tribute to our grandmother Mrs Vanda Tonti as one of the leading women of Umbrian entrepreneurs. The most important events of the history of the Tonti woolen mill have been also described here


The magazine TheAmerican / InItalia covered Luciana’s hand weaving and the story of the Tonti woollen mill in Rasiglia in a wonderful article dedicated to Umbria’s traditional crafts.


MARCH 2013

Villa Rosy was chosen by the travel planner Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera of Bella Vita Italia for an organised gourmet visit to Umbria. The programme included private dinners, the San Potente new olive oil festival, cooking courses and much more...

APRIL 2013

Villa Rosy was mentioned in the May 2013 edition of the Italian magazine Dove as part of the Saint Francis of Assisi itinerary.

Dove - May 2013

MAY 2013

The editor of the Israeli blog Viva Italia!, Dalit Katzenellenbogen, dedicated an article to Villa Rosy in which it is described as an ideal destination for a gourmet stay in Umbria in the Autumn months. The events not to be missed include the taverns of the Quintana and "I Primi d’Italia" in Foligno, the Settimana Enologica wine event in Montefalco, Eurochocolate in Perugia and the festival of the new extra-virgin olive oil at the San Potente olive grove!


MAY 2013

San Potente Agriturismo has been chosen by Tao, another guide about sustainable tourism, as a good example of ecotourism in Umbria that focuses its activity on the conservation of traditions and local cultural heritage.



The French website on sustainable tourism Acteurs du Tourisme Durable has published an interview with Ilaria where she explains our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability through many environmentally-friendly initiatives and activities.

MARCH 2014

The French blogger Sylvie Clergerie from Le Coin des Voyageurs dedicated an entire post describing her stay at Residence Menotre Menotre.

Thank you Sylvie!



Villa Rosy has been featured by Ambiente Europa, the digital web magazine specialized in the environmental conservation, as perfect location to spend a break in Umbria during the olive harvest.



The Italian magazine In Viaggio released a special issue about Umbria and San Potente has been featured among the best places to be for a cooking class.

In Viaggio - Ottobre 2014


Villa Rosy has been chosen to be the perfect base for an amazing green tour in Umbria with the special partnership of “Umbria Green Card”. You can read all the details of the trip visiting the following link:



Travel memories in Assisi... with great video on the blog!
Thank you Capucine, Thibault, Marion e Baptiste for your visit. #EnjoyUmbria



Villa Rosy has been featured on the travel blog tourdumonde.fr. Thank you Marion & Baptiste! Hope to see you again in Umbria!



Giusi & Alessio from Gente in Viaggio have chosen Villa Rosy has their home base for a blog tour around Umbria between Assisi and the Trasimeno Lake. The home made breakfasts prepared by Corinna have been really appreciated!


MARCH 2015

Our lovely Ilaria is the author of a travel guide on Northern and Central Italy focused on sustainable tourism. Obviously Umbria and San Potente are also in! The book is in French! BRAVISSIMA!


MAY 2015

Corinna has been the spokeswoman of the Umbria DOP extra virgin olive oil producers during the Frantoi Aperti (Open Oil Mills) presentation at Mercato Metropolitano in Milan. Have a look at the video!



The annual appointment with the "Bentornato Olio Nuovo" event (Welcome back freshly pressed olive oil!) has been a real success. Lots of friends and evo oil lovers have visited our farm in Assisi during that day. Read the story of this special feast through the eyes of the journalist Sara Sbaffi from Gente in Viaggio.

The blog Playground Around The Corner has mentioned Villa Rosy as the ideal holiday destination in Umbria when travelling with children. The "Frantoi Aperti" event is surely a great occasion for adults and children to taste a piece of Umbria!


The French radio France Info talked about Umbria in the section "C'est mon week-end" broadcasted on the 21st January and S. Potente has been listed among the best places to go!

Thank you very much Ingrid Pohu!



Il Blog Around Family ha inserito il Residence Menotre nell'itinerario dedicato ai 'posti speciali' dal titolo In Umbria seguendo il suono dell'acqua.

Rasiglia non poteva proprio mancare!



Il blog Umbria 4 Mummy, creato dalle mamme per le mamme in giro per l'Umbria, ha segnalato Rasiglia e le dimostrazioni di tessitura tenute dalla nostra Luciana come meta perfetta per scoprire le tradizioni del territorio.



Fare Digital Media pubblica l'intervista fatta alla nostra Corinna.

Da leggere tutta d'un fiato!



Il Residence Menotre è stato inserito in uno dei quattro itinerari esperenziali del progetto Riparti dai Sibillini per raccontare al meglio il territorio di Umbria e Marche dopo il sisma.


Ecco qualche racconto:

- simonasacri.com/italia/cosa-vedere-in-umbria
- raccontidellostomaco.it/valnerina/
- www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eZO4Jz8d9I